Feeling Upset Status Of Whatsapp & Facebook

Feeling Upset Status Of Whatsapp & Facebook

Upset Whatsapp Status Quotes: Today We are Sharing here Latest Collection of Upset Status & Upset Whatsapp Quotes.There are many types of Mood in Preson when they are happy then in happiness mood, When sad then he is sadness mood. We also have a Collection of Alone Status & Heart Touching Status.

  • It’s sad to be happy alone in Life.

  • I don’t care for Those, who don’t care for me.

  • I Feel I’m missing, something in my life these days.

  • Don’t get upset over things that doesn’t matter.

  • I care, I always care.. thats my problem.

  • Its better to be lonely then, to be played by Bad people.

  • It’s sad to be happy alone in Life.

  • I know my silence and my tears will heal my pain..

  • I have been having a lot of bad days everyday.

  • Dil ke dard kam ho jate jab Ma or Tum Hum Ho jate.

  • Pain is the only thing thats telling me I’m still alive.

  • I hope you will realize how much you are hurting me

  • Feeling Very Bad Today..

  • My life makes me upset over things that are not even mine.

  • Never put your own happiness in someone else hands.

  • The most painful memory,when I walked away and you let me go.

  • Why be mean to animals when they treat u better then people

  • Say it before its too late.

  • I like to listen to sad music when I’m sad to make me double sad.

  • I’m no longer curious about things that will upset me.

  • The hardest part about loving someone, is watching that person love another person.

  • What upsets me the most is the picture in my head of how it is supposed to be.

  • I tried to forget you, but the harder I tried, the more I thought about you.

  • No sense getting upset about it. Getting upset isn’t going to change it.

  • I don’t understand why people cheat. If you are not happy, just leave.

  • Life’s so shit it makes wot comes out the dog’s ass look good.


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